The beauty of Modesty

On 23/03/2013, in Features, by Mark

imgresThe feeling and virtue of modesty refers initially to the safeguarding of the body. In a wider sense, it affects other aspects of privacy like one’s emotions. It is a positive virtue. It is the vigilant conscience which defends human dignity and real love. Education in this virtue consists in showing good example and explaining the reasons to live modesty, more than imposing concrete ways of dressing or acting. 

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1. When does marriage preparation begin?

True marriage preparation begins in the family itself which is principally where human and Christian values are learned.

2. What is courtship?

Courtship is a time for a man and a woman to get to know each other better.

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1.         What is Love?

Love is the fundamental interior calling of every human being. God is love and as the image of God, man is created for love. Love gives meaning to true freedom and self-control and orients them towards self-giving in communion and friendship with God and with others.

2.         What is human sexuality?

When God created the human person in his image and likeness, he created them male and female. Masculinity and femininity are complementary gifts for building up the civilization of love. For the human person, the call to love is a call to love as a man or as a woman in unity of body and soul.

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