Our Marriage: Built on Love

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Ian and Nicola

Ian and Nicola Lewis (with their 9th child due in April) share the joys and struggles of married life and describe the impact of Saint Josemaria’s teachings on their marriage.

Personal Testimony

images1. What can couples do to safeguard fidelity in their marriage?

To safeguard fidelity in their marriage, couples should form their conscience according to the truth about marriage and family life. Each spouse should examine himself or herself frequently on their efforts to be a better spouse and to overcome the obstacles that arise from their own egoism and personal defects.

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1. Why is marriage called a vocation?

Marriage is called a vocation because it is a calling to grow in union with God, serving the Church and all souls, by forming a good family. The daily effort to overcome routine and selfishness in the care for each other and for the home is the way spouses grow in union and love for God and share in His plan of salvation.

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On Sunday 21 October, 2001, the Holy Father beatified Luigi (1880 – 1951) and Maria (1884 – 1965) Beltrame Quattrocchi of Rome, the first husband and wife in modern history to be beatified.

The new blesseds, who had four children, were married for 50 years. Maria was a teacher and writer on educational topics, and committed to groups such as Catholic Action and the Scouts.

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