The Basic Family Course

The Basic Family Course helps parents develop their critical thinking skills and to set goals within the family through the “Case Study Method”. This course provides parents with a variety of ideas and possibilities for the development of their children through an interactive technique analyzing real life situations in a factual, practical and positive way.

Who Should Attend? Married couples that accept their duty to act as prime educators and to develop the full potential of their children within the family atmosphere of love and consideration. The participation of both spouses is required for the Basic Course. The cost of the entire course is $500.00(TT) per couple including all course material and group meeting refreshments.

The Basic Course comprises six (6) group sessions (once per month for about two hours) plus five (5) team sessions (once per month for about one hour). The course is limited to a maximum of 24 couples organized in three teams. Topics covered in the course are as follows:

  • Family Enrichment Outline
  • Development of Children
  • Education in Human Virtues
  • Permanent Value of the Family
  • Marriage Relationships
  • Education in Freedom
  • Adolescents and Adolescence
  • Education in Modesty
  • Education in Faith
  • Education in Friendship
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