First Letters

First Letters is a course that covers the development of children who are 4 to 8 years old, the age when their developing personality begins to come out. The emphasis is thus on tailoring their education and setting goals for each stage of the child’s development.

It is during these years that children learn how to reason, so their education should focus on their intelligence, answering their questions and providing explanations in response to their curiosity about the world opening up around them.

Topic Table

1. Introduction to the programme: Psychological characteristics depending on age

2. Characteristics: Study of different characters

3. The educational project: Educate by targets: Grow as a person

4. Home and professional life: Professional goals and helping out at home

5. Authority: Exercising authority

6. Education on how to spend leisure time: Games and watching TV

7. Marital understanding: Finding time for being a couple

8. The influence of others: Family environment: relatives and friends involved in education

9. Education on human sexuality: Information on the origin of human life

10. Roots of compassion: Feelings and sensitivity

11. Overcoming psychological conflicts: Small growth crisis

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